5. RFP Questions

For each of the following questions please provide your response in the area provided under the heading “Response…”.

5.1 Supplier Details

1. Company Name and Address.

Dodier & Company
1745 East River Road, Suite 201
Tucson, Arizona 85718

2. Provide:

(a) Brief history of the company (to include length of time in business, the names of the company’s principals and the present number of full time employees);
(b) Principal location of business;
(c) Principal location of where service will be provided;
(d) Parent Company if subsidiary;
(e) Organizational structure including details regarding ownership, management team and structure, history, major clients, industry expertise;
(f) Number of clients;

(a) Dodier & Company was established in 1989 to provide marketing and advertising services to the shopping center industry. It was founded by Vic Dodier, CMD, who, prior to opening the company, had spent ten years as a senior marketing director for prominent retail estate real developers such as Forest City and Simon Properties. He also served as a general manager for an Eastdil Realty regional mall.

In its 28-year history, Dodier & Company has provided creative and strategic marketing to shopping center owners, managers and institutional owners throughout the United States. We have developed hundreds of marketing campaigns, both custom and shared, for every type of retail real estate property, from regional malls and lifestyle centers to strip centers, grocery anchored neighbourhood centers, urban centers and more.

Vic is president and creative director of Dodier & Company, as well as its sole proprietor. There are currently thirteen full-time employees, including designers, copywriters, content producers, digital producers, production coordinators, and accounting staff.

(b/c/d) The company is based in Tucson, Arizona. All operations are performed at this location.

(e) The organizational structure of Dodier & Company is one of synergistic teamwork. There are four distinct departments within the company – design, copywriting, social media and production – with an operations director handling oversight.

Dodier & Company has historically avoided the typical account management structure of other ad agencies, preferring instead to offer a more direct, personal approach to the client/creative team experience, starting with Vic Dodier as the main point person for new projects and/or seasonal campaigns.

We have a well-oiled internal system of checks and balances, including weekly production meetings and interoffice project management / workflow software. And with all personnel on-site, the atmosphere is conducive to spontaneous brainstorming sessions or other meetings as needed.

Major clients include M&J Wilkow, Mid-America Asset Management and ShopCore.

Other clients include Bucksbaum Retail Properties, Weitzman Group, Olshan Properties, CRM Properties, VEREIT and others.

(f) Number of clients: 28 shopping center accounts

3. What percentage of your business is retail/shopping centre customers?

Other than producing corporate marketing collateral once a year for a law firm client, and the occasional marketing project for local charities, 100% of our business is for shopping center customers.

4. Describe your approach to scope management and change control, with reference to any implications on costs to QIC.

Typically we work with our shopping center clients to develop an annual marketing plan based on their budgets. Where appropriate, Vic Dodier will make a site visit to meet with the marketing director or property manager to review the budget and make recommendations. From there, Dodier & Company manages these marketing plans for many of our clients, ensuring that annual marketing goals are met and budgets adhered to.

Prior to each seasonal campaign, the Dodier team conferences with the client to determine the scope of the project (collaterals needed, quantities, dates, special promotions, events and any other relevant content). Our production director identifies the necessary vendor services and provides cost estimates and timelines. Once approved, we create production details and production schedules and provide these to our client.

A reasonable amount of time is built into each project’s schedule, allowing for client review, changes, and approvals. Likewise, we allow for several creative or content change requests from the client.

In the event of a last-minute request that requires overtime, we will add a rush charge to that item.

5. Are there any additional attributes of your company that have not already been included in your response that you believe could be of benefit to QIC?

Dodier & Company’s specialization in shopping center marketing has given us the advantage of developing strong relationships with retailers. We have created and continue to maintain a large database of national, regional and local retailers with whom we work with regularly to solicit their participation in all incentive driven campaigns, including digital, mobile and seasonal direct mail.

Another attribute is the fact that the company has thrived amid the many ups and downs of the ever-changing shopping center industry. This is because of Dodier’s commitment to continually grow and evolve, to learn and stay on top of the trends in marketing, and to provide the best and latest services to its clients.

Over the years we have managed the creative process for multiple shared marketing programs for retail real estate corporations including Inland Real Estate Group, InvenTrust Properties and VEREIT.

When it comes to our clients, the word NO is not in our vocabulary.

6. Respondents must state their intention to sub-contract any of the services offered.  Respondents must provide full details of the proposed sub-contractor.  These details must include:

(a) Name and address of Sub-contractor;
(b) Location of premises;
(c) Number of people employed; and
(d) Quality Assurance status of proposed sub-contractor.

Respondents must guarantee that all goods/services provided by sub-contractors and furnished under this proposal shall be free from deficiencies in design, performance, materials and workmanship.

It is not our intention to sub-contract any of our services. We have all departments represented to cover the work requested by QIC. If we find that the scope of the projects would require additional hands on deck, we would hire the necessary staff.

7. Please disclose any information that might be relevant to an actual or potential conflict of interest.


5.2 Project Risks

1. What risks do you perceive for your company should your response be successful; how do you propose to manage these risks?

The only potential risk – really more accurately challenge than risk – would be that additional staffing might be needed given the scope of the awarded project. In that case, we would simply hire the necessary creative and/or production personnel.

2. What risks do you perceive for QIC, and what suggestions do you have for the mitigation of these risks?

We don’t foresee any potential risks for QIC.

3. Do you consider that any aspects of the project have been inadequately specified or overlooked, such that they affect your ability to confidently respond to this RFP? If so, please detail your concerns.

The only area of concern is Pricing (section 7). We weren’t entirely clear on the specific scope of each campaign per center. We added notes as to what our pricing covers, but realize that additional clarification might be necessary on both Dodier’s and QIC’s part to ensure our expectations are in synch. To that end, we trust there will be an opportunity to discuss further.

4. Please detail any assumptions you have made in response to the RFP for this initiative.

None that we can think of.

5.3 References

1. Please provide names and contact details for at least 2 references (preferably Commercial Real Estate or Retail Clients).

– Company Name
– Contact Name (Direct)
– Contact Position
– Contact Number

Please confirm whether these contacts can be approached directly.

Mid-America Asset Management, Inc.
Michelle Panovich
Principal, Executive Vice President

Geneva Commons
Cathy Charhut
Property Manager

M&J Wilkow
Darcy Kennelly Rutzen
Vice President of Marketing

These contacts can be approached directly.

5.4 Creative Services

1. Outline your creative process, including timing for creative concepting and customization.

The creative process for a new campaign begins with a client briefing to determine the client’s goals, necessary elements, target audience, seasonal and demographic considerations, specific direction or requests, delivery deadlines and timeframes. This is usually done via conferencing. We then meet internally with the creative and production teams to discuss creative ideas and production schedules. The creative campaign development follows, with copywriting, design and layout, and internal reviews, edits, etc. We present multiple options to our client for review, then perform any requested revisions. The timeline for a new campaign, from initial client briefing to delivery of final art is 7-9 weeks. For additional collateral rollouts, 2-3 weeks is a comfortable time frame.

2. Describe your experience in performing creative services for other retail and shopping center clients.

The creative process with our current shopping center clients varies. Some have marketing directors on site, others are part of a portfolio of centers with a corporate marketing director as our point person. In either scenario we adapt our creative process to suit the individual center and collaborate with the client accordingly. In addition, we have several shopping center clients without marketing directors, for which Dodier & Company acts as marketing director and handles all related responsibilities.

We also currently direct and oversee the printing services for most of our shopping center clients.

5.5 Client Services

1. Outline your proposed account management approach for working with QIC.

Vic Dodier would head up the account management team, along with our director of operations, in working with QIC. We would also assign a dedicated team of copywriters and designers to the account to ensure consistency.

2. What types of strategic client services do you offer?

Dodier & Company also offers tracking reports at the property level to analyze the effectiveness of each seasonal incentive campaigns and promotions such as gift-with-purchase, enter-to-win and other such programs. We provide analytics for our WiFi mobile marketing programs, strategic social media campaigns, website SEO, e-blasts and other digital marketing. We also consistently research marketing trends to make sure that we are offering our clients the most up-to-date integrated marketing services possible.

5.6 Production Services

1. Outline your production process.

Once the scope of the project has been determined (materials needed and delivery dates) from the client briefing, the production director creates a production detail for each shopping center. This is a line item breakdown of all campaign elements and includes cost estimates of any outside materials or vendor services needed. Next we develop a production schedule outlining the start and due dates for each step of the process, including copywriting, design layout, client review, edits, final approval, and delivery of final art prepped and ready for print or post.

2. What is your standard turnaround time if given a production request?

Two weeks is standard for a single production request, but we can accommodate a quicker turnaround if needed.

7. Pricing

Service RequestedPricing StructurePrice
All In:
Creative Services
Client Services
Required Shared Campaign Asset Production Services
Set Monthly Fee
Price per Month
Estimates are as follows:

– Production Services/Coordination: 35 hrs/mo.
– Creative Services: 50 hrs/mo.
– Client Services (meetings, conference calls, etc.): 25 hrs/mo.

TOTAL Monthly Hours: 110
Price per month: $14,000

(NOTE: Does not include travel expenses)

Customized campaign assets per propertyPrice per property per campaignEstimate:
20 hrs. per campaign based on required shared assets
TOTAL: $2500 per property / per campaign
Event specific campaign creative servicesPrice per property per campaignEstimate:
30-40 hrs. per campaign depending on the number of assets needed
TOTAL: $3700 – $5000 per property/per campaign
Property Specific Asset Production ServicesPrice per Hour$125 per hour

Other Services:
For any other services you recommend providing, please list in the space below and include item, description, pricing structure and price.

Item/ServiceDescriptionPricing StructurePrice
Direct Mail Brochure:
Creative and Store Coordination
Multi-panel with individual store couponsPrice per property per brochure$8200 – $9500
Video Posts:15 or :30 contentShared or per property$2000 – $3500
Seasonal AnimationSocial Media PlatformShared or per property$800 – $1000



This campaign approach is designed to evoke the range and depth of emotions associated with back to school. Whether it’s the first day of pre-school or the first day of college, parents experience everything from heart tugs to tears to the thrill of having time to themselves.

This option combines design and copy elements to define this emotional landscape. The use of color filters and overlays with evocative photos of various school ages bring a moody tone to the campaign look.

The tag line “That Look” refers not only to the emotional aspects of back to school – parents “watching” their children leave for the first day of school, school friends “seeing” each other and reconnecting, etc. – but also to shopping and finding the latest back to school “looks”.

We added another element to this campaign option: the positioning statement For all your firsts. As we thought about the first day of school, we realized that life is filled with firsts. There’s a first child, its first steps, a first date, a first day in one’s new home, and so on. And each of life’s firsts triggers an emotional experience. The positioning statement points to how the merchandise offerings, entertainment venues, services and events at the QIC shopping center support all of those firsts.














The positioning statement of The Look campaign option inspired and became a natural springboard to our second campaign approach.

This option uses design elements that create a fun, playful feeling. Pops of color against black and white photography, a sprinkling of paper doll type cutouts, the combination of bold and script fonts, and a generous use of white space all serve to add lightness and vibrancy to the campaign. It promises a happy shopping experience at the QIC center.

The campaign theme For All Your Firsts can be used front and center as a tagline, punctuating the first day of back to school experience, or as a positioning statement when the primary message should be in the spotlight, as in the Free Backpack with Purchase collaterals.













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