We incite buying frenzies and traffic jams.

As a full-service agency, our services combine creative strategy and up-to-the-minute technology to provide a cross channel, cross media integrated advertising and marketing plan to fit your center’s budget and needs.


Winter, spring, summer or fall –
all you have to do is call.

Retail has a season for everything and every season is a reason to sell. Our keystone strategy is incentive-based direct mail programs. Effective and trackable, they generate traffic and sales. They can be tailored to meet just about any size budget, from custom campaigns to cost-efficient shared program. Other options for seasonal marketing programs include print ads, on-site signage, social and mobile media, tenant directories and other visual collateral.


Hablamos Español

Building shopper loyalty among ethnic groups requires effective communication. We’re fluent in providing comprehensive Spanish language campaigns for shopping centers nationwide.


Want to make a good impression?
We can help.

You know what makes your company distinctive. But does everyone else? It’s important to communicate who you are to clients, colleagues, prospects and the world at large. That’s where we come in. We offer strategic branding campaigns for shopping center owners and developers as well as leasing support materials for their projects.

Identity logos

Corporate websites

Capabilities brochures


Full scale property leasing materials

Specialty leasing materials

Convention support materials



Retailers. They’re like family around here.

With over 25 years of creating retailer-centric programs, Dodier & Co. has built solid relationships with shopping center tenants. We think of them as part of the team. We are continually in touch with them about marketing opportunities for their stores, from creating customized coupons for seasonal direct mail to follow-up surveys, web updates, social media promotions and more.

Our database includes over 3,300 national, regional and local retailers, which translates into increased merchant participation for our clients, and increased traffic and sales.


Numbers don’t lie.

We’re all about accountability at Dodier & Co. Program evaluations and reports are standard operating procedures. At the end of every program, we survey all participating retailers to gauge its success for each tenant and the shopping center as a whole. We then report our findings and analyses to ownership to show how effectively your marketing dollars are working.


Communication is key.

PR is about strategic communication. It engages and builds relationships between your organization and the public. And with technological advances, public relations has evolved to embrace social and digital platforms along with traditional media outlets. Our PR team has you covered, from crafting the right message to targeting the right media outlets in the shopping center industry.