Having grown up in Texas, where everything is bigger, Vic naturally sees the big picture. After 15 years working as a Marketing Director for Forest City, Simon Properties and other iconic retail real estate developers, he saw a need that wasn’t being filled. So in 1989, he opened his own advertising / marketing agency to serve the shopping center industry. Having worked for companies in the South and Midwest, he launched Dodier & Co. in Tucson, Arizona, where he met the love of his life, and some pretty fine weather.

Vic has a sharp mind and a sharp pencil, which are advantageous in helping asset managers and marketing directors map out their marketing strategies and maximize their often shrinking budgets. His native Texas charm and warmth make the process a painless one.

After 25 years in business, Vic still gets a thrill out of seeing his name on the front door.

Vic lives in Tucson with his wife and three dogs, and is the father of two grown sons, both out of the house now on their own life adventures.